About Emily Lark Creator of Back To Life Program

Emily Lark Creator of Back To Life ProgramThe creator of Back To Life Program, Emily Lark, is a renowned fitness and wellness coach. For more than 10 years, Emily has been one of the most sought after Yoga and Pilates instructors in the United States. She opened her first fitness studio in 2014 where she continues to provide Yoga and Pilates instructions to clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Emily’s existence altered at age 12 after she was involved with an especially serious vehicle accident that left her with crippling back discomfort later in existence. Doctors advised her to endure back surgery but she opposed and rather made a decision to research intensely on non-surgical back discomfort solutions. She eventually discovered an easy but effective 10-minute routine that made it feasible on her live a proper discomfort-free existence current. Within the program, Emily teaches you everything she did to kick away back discomfort and lead a great healthy discomfort-free existence.